We offer four different types of workshops that can be filled with a wide variety of content. We will always set an individual focus depending on the requirements of the educational institution.


Language and Culture

The preferred format in the Schola Austria
program as it combines language skills and cultural knowledge. In this workshop we use the Austrian standard variety and discuss Austrian and international culture. Through the active participation of the learners and the combination of language and culture, we increase the understanding of both. We have look at everything the world has to offer from different perspectives. We analyze, reflect, design, interpret, argue. This is how learners become 'global citizens'.


For us, cultural workshops are approaches to current and historical topics - always with a reference to Austria and direct intercultural inputs in order to promote global and nexus thinking among learners. Here, language serves exclusively as a tool to discover the topic. We are happy to speak German, of course, but are also ready to offer the workshops in other languages or in a mix of languages.


Language workshop means that we work on topics in the Austrian standard variety. Basically, we offer active foreign language teaching in this workshop, which is oriented towards the competencies of the CEFR. The choice of topics is based, for example, on the topics in ÖSD exams and thus also follows most standard textbooks of GFL teaching.


Are you looking for additional training, do you want to approach familiar topics challenges innovatively and with new ideas? Would you like to learn new techniques or do you have a problem we can help you with? With our team you can discover a wide range of possibilities that you can use in your classroom as well as for preparation and reflection. Usability is the top priority. The duration of workshops can vary depending on the topic and your needs.