Language and Culture
 Workshop  Examples

Economics and Sustainability


In this workshop we talk about our behavior as a consumer and also look at production chains as well as the environmentally conscious production of different (Austrian) products. We discuss about the ecological backpack, greenwashing as well as online shopping -based on authentic videos and texts. Written and oral production will be done through project-based learning as we do in all workshops.


Austria and the European Union

The EU is not only an important trading partner for many countries and enables its members to transfer goods among themselves duty-free, it is also a fascinating project. We take a closer look at the institution, get to the bottom of myths and find out what the EU does. We also reflect on Austria's role in the EU, international cooperation and the role of the EU in the future.



Austria's music scene experienced a real boom in the past decade. On the basis of Austropop, many conclusions can be drawn about Austria. Phonetics, grammar, writing prompts, discussions and curiosities - Austropop offers a huge reservoir for teaching German.



How does communication work? What verbal and nonverbal signals does my conversation partner send out and how should I interpret them? What cultural differences do I need to take into account here? These and more interesting questions are part of this format, in which we argue and discuss with each other and do a little basic linguistic research.

For big and small ones

Fairy Tales

Every one of us likes to escape into the realm of fairy tales. In this workshop, we will work through the most beautiful fairy tales that the German-speaking world has to offer. To make sure that this works well, we use multimedia elements to ensure linguistic comprehension in advance. A fairy tale lesson par excellence.