Workshop Examples

Strategy and skills

Professional Presentation

We incorporate cutting-edge topics into a workshop quickly and sensibly. We get an overview of the topic, work out useful grammar and syntax as well as presentation techniques. Then nothing can get in the way of an excellent presentation.

Language awareness

Phrases and Idioms

Falling out of the clouds, not having eyes in your head or paying attention like a haftelmacher. If you want to understand these and many other idioms, you should definitely attend this workshop. Afterwards, we will surely be a chatterbox, never draw a blank again and nothing will be Greek to us anymore. Definitely an exciting topic - it's all over town.


Job Interviews

Nothing is worse than being asked "Why don't you tell us about yourself?" during a job interview. This is what you think until you hear the question "How do you weigh an elephant without scales?". We try to master these and other pitfalls competently in German. To ensure that the written impression is also a positive one, we will also fine-tune your own letter of application.


Quarrel properly

Arguing properly has to be learned - especially in German. In various situations we test formal and informal debates and arguments. In order to add weight to the arguments, we will focus on expressions, syntax and grammar. If it gets too intense, one or two swear words may not be lacking - but be careful, think twice first: 'cause once said ...