Workshop Examples


Austrian Art

We approach the concept of art and define our understanding of it. We then work on selected contemporary Austrian works and famous classics, interpret them and compare art traditions of the countries represented in the class. All interactively and with all senses.


Tradtions in Austria

For all those, who want to take a course in Austrian traditions 101. From customs, festivals, tics and peculiarities to cuisine, humor and attitudes. Tangible and intangible culture - a wide spectrum is available for learners to choose from.

Know how

That's the Austrians

This course offers a wide range of tips and tricks to understand Austria or to do business in Austria successfully. But Austria is also not lacking in curiosities. Did you know that you should never ask for a Tüte in Austria or that you pay a 14 cent fine if you call yourself Baron? It's not essential for survival, but now you'll never forget it anymore.


Heritage of Austria

Austria has a significant history: from Ostarrichi to the Habsburgs and from the Anschluss to EU accession. We discover Austria's history together, deal with it critically and take a comparative look at the history of the students' countries. In this way, we promote mutual understanding and increase the perception of current events.