About us

Languages live. 
They have a long tradition, are constantly changing and adapting themselves to the present and to their users. They are shaped and influenced by other languages, cultures, and geographical, political as well as other social conditions. Learning a language requires a dynamic and active learning environment that keeps the big picture in mind, does not view any topic isolated from others, and keeps the main function of language - communication - in the centre.
With this mindest, we create our workshops here at Schola Austria. We work mostly on a project based learning approach and want to offer learners the opportunity to use German as a tool for communication, review and discussion from the very beginning.
We place great emphasis on the use of the Austrian standard variety, to support the pluricentric approach of GFL teaching in schools and universities. On the one hand, this opens up the possibility for a broader cultural synopsis in the classroom and, on the other hand, puts Austria in the focus of learners and teachers.  

In addition to the linguistic aspect to which Schola Austria is dedicated, there is the growing need of German teachers worldwide to to learn more about and reflect on Austrian culture with their students. To this end, teachers and learners wish to have competent Austrian representatives, who can represent Austria linguistically and culturally from both a synchronic and diachronic perspective.
For a meaningful and valuable workshop, we try to approach a topic not only from a monocultural point of view, but we choose a broad approach on various topics.
Find find out how we do this by looking up our examples or by contacting us directly.

Schola Austria is a project that was founded within the framework of the OeAD foreign lectorate at the University of Roma III. The initiators are concerned to contribute to innovative and active GFL teaching at schools and universities.


Mag. Stephan Schweighofer

Project management, pedagogical management middle and high school

Stephan Schweighofer is an Austrian lecturer for German language and Austrian culture. He studied at the University of Graz (Austria), Florence (Italy) and Coimbra (Portugal). Additionally, he completed a postgraduate certificate programme in International Relations and Diplomacy at the Geneva School of Diplomacy in Switzerland. His interests include intercultural communication, international cooperation and foreign language didactics. Stephan was a university lecturer for Austrian culture and language at the University of Roma III in Italy, as well as language/culture consultant in several international companies. 
Currently, he is a research fellow (PraeDoc) with Univ. Prof. MMag. DDr. Ulrike Greiner at the School of Education (University of Salzburg) and is researching in the field of European Citizenship Education.  

Stephan's favourite word in Austiran is Baba (See ya!).

Birgit Fauland, BEd, MA

Organizational management, pedagogical management primary education

Birgit Fauland is an Austrian teacher and has not only taught in Austria, but also in Spain, Switzerland, Germany and most recently in Canada. She studied teaching at the University of Education in Graz and the Universidad de Barcelona, and Educational Leadership at the Danube University Krems. During her studies and teaching positions she was able to deepen her knowledge of German as a second / foreign language. Above all, she is enthusiastic about observing the development of learners when they are supported with great effort and commitment. Birgit Fauland currently works at the German Interantional School in Montreal, Canada. Currently, Birgit Fauland is headmaster at Four Forest Bilingual School in Lucerne, Switzerland.

Birgit's favourite word in Austiran is Schnackerl (hick-up).

Mag. Anna Romano

Coordination of workshops and correspondence

Anna Romano is an Austrian lecturer and foreign language teacher. She studied German and Italian at the University of Vienna and the University of Bologna. During her studies, she focused on the fields of applied linguistics, German as a foreign language and especially on the acquisition of German by Italian speakers. Anna Romano is currently a lecturer for German language and Austrian culture at the University of Turin in Italy.

Anna's favourite word in Austiran is hetzig (funny, strange).